Skin Care Myths

4 Common Skin Care Myths Explained

In 2018, the skincare industry is expected to make an estimated $24 billion, making it the second largest industry in regards to the global beauty market. You might be wondering how this industry could be profiting this much, but the answer is simple.

Skin care companies rely on the ignorance of the consumer to buy the next best product. No one does the research before making a purchase, so companies will create fake skin conditions just to grab your money.

This article will separate skincare facts from skincare myths. You no longer have to fall under the vicious cycle of continuously spending your money on skin creams because you'll know the difference between skin facts and myths.

1. You Should Buy Skin Care Products Relevant To Your Age

It's common to see particular skin care companies market their products based on age. In fact, it's common to see specific skin creams for women over the age of 50. These women are classified as having "mature skin." This is just a market ploy to get you to spend your money.

Products relevant to your age.

You shouldn't buy skin care products based on age. Some 50-year-old women have the same skin type as a 30-year-old so that they wouldn't find use out of age-specific products. You should buy skin creams based on skin type.

Most skincare products targeted for women over the age of 50 work for dry skin. You can still have oily skin at an old age, and a 20-year-old can have extremely dry skin. So if a 50-year-old with oily skin were to use a product tailored for her age, the effects would be horrific.

2. Emerging Age Spots Means You’re Getting Old

Age spots have no actual correlation with age. This is a fake skin condition that skin care companies take advantage of to sell you their products. These spots merely appear because of environmental factors such as prolonged sun exposure.

Age spots are those uneven brown spots that appear anywhere on your body. After going to the beach, you'll notice brown spots appearing on your shoulders or arms and this is entirely natural. You can lessen the appearance of these spots, but it'll be purely for aesthetic purposes.

Emerging age spots

You can have a brown spot appear at any age, so it's not specific to a particular age group. If you want to lighten these brown spots, research shows that products containing hydroquinone work wonders. This will improve your overall complexion and give you a healthy glow.

3. Higher SPF Means Better Protection

People make the common mistake of assuming that higher SPF means stronger skin protection against harmful UV rays. What people don’t know is that there are three types of ultraviolet rays. The different kinds of rays are UVA, UVB, and UVC.

  • UVA rays are responsible for deeply penetrating the skin, which alters your pigmentation to result in a tan.
  • UVB rays cause sunburns, which causes your skin to appear red. These rays are responsible for negatively altering your skin’s DNA to cause wrinkles, pigment changes, and cancerous tumors.
  • UVC rays get absorbed by the atmosphere and never touch the ground, so these rays have no effect on you whatsoever.

The SPF you see on sunscreen refers to the protection it provides from UVB rays and not UVA rays. Your sunscreen needs to block both UVA and UVB rays to offer 100% skin protection against UV rays.

When you're at the drugstore looking for a sunscreen, you should buy one that is at least 15 SPF. To provide protection against UVA rays; your sunscreen will contain oxybenzone, avobenzone, mexoryl, or titanium dioxide.

UV protection.

Make sure to check out the ingredients on your sunscreen, so you know you are protected against all forms of UV rays.

4. Anti-Aging Creams Reduce Wrinkles

Anti-aging creams claim to reduce wrinkles, but in reality, they work to hydrate your skin. This means these products simply provide a temporary solution, so you have to continue spending your money.

Dermatologists recommend using topical retinoids as an anti-aging cream. These creams have the ability to penetrate through your skin and increase the production of skin cells. People who have severe cases of acne find this to be an effective treatment as well.

Reduce wrinkles.

Topical retinoids also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This cream can achieve the results you would expect from anti-aging creams at a fraction of the cost.


Skincare companies thrive off people believing myths to be facts. Doing your research before buying a skincare product is a definite way of not falling victim to the industry’s tricks.

An alternative option that ensures you get the best skin care treatment possible is spending your money on organic skincare products. This portion of the skincare industry is slowly rising because people are becoming more aware of what they are exposing their bodies to.

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