Is Drinking Water Good For Your Skin

Is Drinking Water Good For Your Skin

People find it hard to believe that drinking water plays a direct role in clearing up your skin, so it's common for a dermatologist to get the question, "Is water good for your skin?" Keep reading to find out the answer to people’s most pressing skin care question.

Does Drinking Water Clear Skin

The wintertime is a trying time for your skin since it's more prone to flake and becomes ashy. You can avoid further damaging your skin by sticking to a set skincare regime that is guaranteed to make your skin clear and healthy.

Dermatologists number one recommendation when you ask for skincare advice is to start drinking more water throughout your day. Drinking several cups of water a day is the first step to creating an acne free face.

Start drinking more water.

In fact, the European Food Safety Authority agrees that women need to consume about 1.6 liters of water a day while men only need to drink around 2.0 liters in the same time span. You can separate the amount of water by eight 200 milliliter glasses to satiate your dehydrated skin.

Benefits Of Drinking Water For Skin

It's safe to start with eight glasses of water a day, but more and more dermatologists are saying eight is an ideal number to use as a starting point since your water consumption depends on both your body type and diet.

Drinking water provides benefits that indirectly contribute to a flawless complexion. Keep in mind that consuming water does not play a direct role in maintaining your face's complexion. You should consider water to be a wellness step that contributes to healthy skin.

Drinking water clear skin.

When you drink water, it initially works to hydrate all your internal organs. This means its filters through both your liver and kidneys, so your cells can run efficiently before the water can contribute anything to the outer surface of your skin.

Combine Water With A Moisturizer

If you drink the amount of water you’re supposed to and use natural moisturizers meant for facial skin care, you are guaranteed to have a flawless complexion. Using cleansing oil exposes your skin to nutrients that work well with water to keep your skin hydrated and healthy.


To make the most out of the effect of water on skin, you should consider maintaining a humidifier around your home. When you're sleeping, you can keep the humidifier on so the air surrounding your face is clean.

Benefits of drinking water.

With fresh air, there's a reduced chance of acne breakouts and blackheads from emerging. You can even keep a humidifier on your desk while you work, so the oil buildup around your face doesn't deeply clog your pores.


Clear skin is a possibility when you incorporate water into your daily skincare regime. However, when you combine water with other beneficial skin care products, you are giving your skin all the tools it needs to retain its rosy and healthy complexion.

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